Say no to confusing and unnecessary tech jargon 

I write copy for tech and SaaS companies who need their audiences to get it…fast.

You know your product or service inside and out – at least from a technical standpoint. As soon as you try to put it down in writing, you sound like you don’t know anything.


It’s all over the place – you focus too much on the technical side and not enough on the actual benefits it brings.

Do you look at what you’ve written, only to feel like you’ve written for machines instead of humans? Are you so focused on the technical side that you forget to describe the problems that you can help solve?


Or worse, is your copy soaked in confusing jargon – the kind that goes right of the head of a non-tech savvy audience?

Either way, you need someone to write your copy for you, which explains what you do and the things you offer in a way that a human would understand.


But not anyone can do this – you’ll want someone who:

  • You can work with on a long-term basis

  • Is easy to work with, and who you can rely on when you need them

  • Knows how to put “information” back into “information technology,” while writing with the human reader in mind


Did you answer “yes” to any of the points listed above?

Then, I’m here for you.

My Specialty Areas


Blog post copywriting

Informative blog posts written for the internet – SEO and keyword research included.

Video scripts

Explain the value of your product or service in less than 2 minutes – all through video.

Web Copy

Get your clients to know what you’re about – in 5 seconds or less.


Product Descriptions

Answer the inevitable customer question of “So What?”


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