About Me


I’m Johan Berg, and I’m a copywriter

However, that hasn’t always been the case.


My professional career started in the IT field, where I worked as a QA Engineer for two years.

During this time, I noticed that the problem-solving skills that I thought were only good for conducting exploratory tests could also be applied in other areas.


Writing was one of them.

Before you can solve your target audience’s problems, you must identify and explain exactly how you can solve them.



But that’s not all – you must also be able to describe how your product or service will radically transform their life, as well as the benefits it offers.



And you must do so in a jargon-free and engaging way.



That’s where I come in.

A copywriter with a problem-solving mindset is an invaluable tool for you to have for creating copy that compels people to act.


My academic background as an English major also came in handy

university degree english

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Through my exposure to all kinds of varieties of English, from British, American, and even Australian English, I realized that even though they’re all relatives, they’re not identical.


There are many differences – differences that many people don’t even know about.


Fortunately for you, alternating between these regional differences is as easy to me as putting on a new pair of pants (or trousers) – you’ll get your copy written for the English variation you want.

I’m here to offer that special talent to you – with these additional perks:

  • Weekly email updates

    be informed about the current stage of the project at the end of the week – and more importantly; the goals for the upcoming one

  • 3 copy revisions as standard – all to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with the final result

Let’s start working together