My Process & FAQs


My Client Onboarding Process

If you’re curious about my client onboarding process, here’s a short, five-step summary:

1. Contact

You send me a copywriting inquiry, through either my Contact page or by sending me an email.

2: Zoom Call

We schedule a quick 15-30 min call over Zoom where we discuss your wants and how we might work together.


3: Proposal

After our Zoom call, if we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a proposal, containing:

– The project scope

– The project goals

– My rate


4. Contract signing

If you agree to the proposal and my rate, I’ll send you my contract for you to sign.

5. Work commences!

Here’s the exciting part – once the contract has been signed by both parties, then the copywriting process officially commences!

JohanBergCopywriter FAQs

Here are some general questions about me and my business:

What if I can’t make it to the call or if I have to cancel at the last minute?

If you can’t get on a call, don’t worry – I’ll send you a copywriting brief document that you can fill out yourself. Once you’ve sent it back to me (and I’ve had a chance to read through it), I’ll send you the proposal.

What’s are your rates?

The short answer is – it depends. Generally, my rates begin at $1000 a month, but they can vary depending on, e.g.:

  • The amount of work that you want me to do

  • Any expertise in the field that I might have

My standard rate always includes:

  • 3 blog posts (up to 1000 words each)

  • 5 pages worth of web copy (up to 800 words each)

  • 2 video scripts (up to 2 minutes in length)

  • 1 case study (between 300-500 words)

  • 10 LinkedIn posts (100-200 characters each)

The rate you gave in the proposal is a bit high – can you lower it for me?

If you think that the rate is a little steep, I’m more than willing to negotiate. However, don’t see this as an opportunity to get work done for free or for a minuscule amount of money – see this as an investment on your part.

What’s your turnover rate?

As a rough estimate, I try to stick to a turnover rate of no more than 2 weeks.

Depending on the scope of work and some other factors, the rate might be shorter or longer. Whatever the case might be, you’ll always receive weekly email updates from me, giving you the project’s current status.

How many revisions do you offer?

I offer a maximum of 3 revisions, although I’ll do my best to keep them to a minimum.

Can you me send me your resume?

Sorry, I don’t do resumes. If you’re looking to get a better feel for the kind of writing that I do, I have:

  1. A blog here on this website

  2. A separate blog called “Dual Wheel,” where I post content related to motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters

  3. A portfolio page

These will give you a much better picture than a one-page piece of paper of previous employment history ever will.

How much do I need to pay if I need to cancel our contract?

If you need to stop working with me, I’ll invoice you half of your regular monthly fee. After that, you’re free to go.

Do I have to commit to a long-term relationship?

I do encourage long-term client relationships, but you don’t have to commit to a one-year contract.

If you need to cancel the contract at any point, you’re more than free to do so – no hard feelings.

What if I already have some finished copy? Can you proofread/edit it for me?

The short answer is “absolutely!” Just provide me with some information about who you’re targeting, what kind of action you want the reader to take, etc.

What if I need copy done urgently?

Then I’m not the copywriter for you. Even though I do my best to deliver the best possible work as soon as possible, there’s no way that I can produce a good piece of work in 12 hours or less.

What if we do most of our copy work in-house?

If you’re looking for more of a collaboration-type relationship, I’m fine with that. All you have to do is explain how you work during our collaboration call, and I’ll adapt to it (if we’re a good fit).

Let’s start working together