The Dual Wheel Journey 404 Page Project

This project involved rewriting the 404 page for The Dual Wheel Journey – my own blog where I talk about motorcycles, scooter mechanics, and maintenance. 

The Problem

There were two main problems with the original 404 page for The Dual Wheel Journey:

First of all, although it doesn’t have any overly complicated technical jargon, the UX copy was quite bland. 

Secondly, the page didn’t guide the user toward the next step by telling them what to do after they had arrived on this page.

Yes, it does suggest “refining your search or use the navigation above to locate the post,” but that’s about it.

The Solution

Firstly, the copy had to be upgraded to explain what happened while also trying to integrate the blog’s main niche – motorcycle mechanics.

And above all, there had to be at least a clear next step on the page in the form of a link or a navigational bar that the user could access straight away.  

The End Result

While the new copy is much longer than the original page, it also accomplishes more.

First of all, the copy does more than just state that the page couldn’t be found – it also gives the user more closure by listing some possible reasons why the 404 has happened.

In addition, the message also draws a parallel between a missing page error and engine troubles, which fits right in with the mechanical niche this blog has.

And above all, now the user has a clearly defined search field underneath, with a strong CTA button and a clear placeholder for the search field itself.